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We have all experienced a time of need when we need some extra cash and, thanks to Lenmo’s technology, borrowing money has gotten so much easier. Lenmo connects people looking to borrow money with people looking to invest money. With P2P lending, borrowers now have options outside of banks and credit unions.

What makes Lenmo Different than Banks?

Unlike borrowing from borrowing from banksLenmo can be used by anyone at any time. Interest rates on the platform are determined by the users of the app and, as a borrower, you can either reject or accept the rate offered to you. This sort of free market setup provides the borrower with options and thus they are not obligated to borrow at one universal rate.

Reasons Why Borrowers Win with Lenmo

  1. Good or bad credit score – no problem!

Regardless of your credit score, anyone can apply for a loan. As a matter of fact, by using Lenmo you can better your credit score. As you continue to borrow and make your payments on time, your credit score will eventually improve.

  1. Lenmo is easy to use

Requesting  a loan cannot get any easier than this and it can be done in 3 quick steps.

  • Download the Lenmo app at the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Through the app, submit the loan amount you need, between $50-$5000, for the time you need
  • Once offers to fund your loan start coming in, you have the choice to either reject or accept.

This process eliminates the need for paperwork, applications, fees and time for you to submit and get accepted for a loan.

  1. Choose your own payback period

As a borrower, you choose your payback period. Equal payments will be made on a monthly basis, starting one month from your loan start date.

Now that you have a better understanding of how Lenmo works, you can start borrowing. Happy borrowing!

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